The virtual playground for children who cannot play outside. Available on iPad and VR-headsets.

PlaygroundVR brings the playground to the children

What do children miss the most when they can not go outside? Playing in a playground with friends! Many children in the world can not leave their room or bed and are sometimes even isolated in hospital rooms. Play-researcher Lisette van der Poel states: “Children process difficult experiences through play”. The activity of play and the social contact that comes with that is very important for the wellbeing of childeren all over the world.

PlaygroundVR is the worlds first virtual playground for children where they can meet and play together. When they put on the VR-headsets they will be immersed in a sunny, open playground environment. They see each other as virtual avatars, which they can customize as their own. Just like playing outside, children are free to do whatever they want and create their own games using their imagination. From balls, sticks to building blocks and snowflakes: anything can be used to play!

These hospitals already have PlaygroundVR!

Take a look in the playground

This is what the children are saying:

"For a moment, it felt like I wasn't in my wheelchair anymore"

"It's as if I'm dreaming!"

Play is essential for the wellbeing of children

Play helps children to grow physically and mentally. Due to the limited control children experience due to treatments they experience difficulties that are emotionally challenging. This results in children that need special education and have lower cognitive abilities as compared to other children in the same age group. Also, children with handicaps who are limited in their play abilities experience difficulties and miss the social interaction with friends.

The virtual playground brings children together in a fun and interactive environment, even when children can not go outside. PlaygroundVR brings relaxation and happiness in an unique way. Children who would normally never meet, now get to know each other.

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